Bleaching that just works
When developing Aura One, we set out to create a bleaching system that is reliable and offers predictably excellent results with any patient - for a bleaching treatment that both you and your patients will love.
Why home bleaching?
Home bleaching performed at home using custom-made trays and a peroxide-based gel is the most effective way to whiten teeth, offering many advantages over chairside (power) bleaching.
8 shades whiter teeth on average vs. 2 shades with chairside
Significantly lower sensitivity and pain
Results that can last up to 12 years vs. 1-2 years with chairside
No risk of pulpal necrosis
Hydrogen Peroxide vs. Carbamide Peroxide
Until now, most home bleaching is performed using carbamide peroxide - a stabilised form of hydrogen peroxide. During use, the carbamide peroxide breaks down to hydrogen peroxide to whiten teeth.
Carbamide peroxide does not need to be refrigerated and has a longer shelf-life, meaning it is easier for distributers to store and ship - however it takes far longer to breakdown during use, meaning up to 8 hours (overnight) wear is required.
Hydrogen peroxide (like in Aura One) get's to work immediately, and is completely broken down within 60 minutes allowing for maximum whitening in just one hour treatment time.
18% carbamide peroxide breaks down to 6% hydrogen peroxide
Higher weartime (4-8 hours) leads to more sensitivity
Hydrogen peroxide should be stored in the fridge
Patient results
See the results for yourself, with cases from Aura One patients
Unedited photos
Photos taken at least 2 weeks after completing treatment
SU, 33
B3 to B1 (10 shades)
28 treatments over 14 days
Sensitivity experienced: 0/10
SW, 43
B4 to A1 (11 shades)
28 treatments over 14 days
Sensitivity experienced: 0/10
GB, 37
A4 to A1 (13 shades)
35 treatments over 35 days
Sensitivity experienced: 1/10
MD, 39
C4 to C1 (10 shades)
40 treatments over 40 days
Sensitivity experienced: 0/10
AP, 30
C2 to B1 (6 shades)
20 treatments over 10 days
Sensitivity experienced: 0/10
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