Say hallo to the future of teeth whitening
Designed and developed in Germany
One hour per treatment. Once per day.
White smile confidence.
100% Enamel Safe
Developed by dentists
Maximum whitening
The revolutionary formula in Aura One is based on peroxide - the most effective teeth whitening molecule available. Get up to 11 shades whiter teeth quickly and safely.
Say goodbye to sensitivity
Due to the high water content and the addition of desensitisers, almost all patients who whiten with Aura One experience zero tooth sensitivity whilst whitening.
Just one hour per day
With Aura One you whiten at home with custom-made trays and our unique hydrogel. No need to wear trays overnight anymore, with Aura One it takes just one hour per application.
No impressions needed!
Say goodbye to messy and uncomfortable putty impressions. Aura is an all-digital system that uses a simple 3D scan of your teeth to create your custom-made whitening trays.
Whitening to take home
The less time spent in the dentist's chair is always a good thing. With Aura One, you whiten at home - allowing you to stay in control of how white your teeth become, and to perform refresh treatments whenever needed.
Apply gel to trays
The bubble on each tooth shows you where and how much gel to apply
Wear for 60 minutes
Seat the trays over your teeth and set a timer for 60 minutes
Repeat daily
Repeat once or twice daily until you complete approximately 20 to 30 treatments
Teeth whitening that fits your lifestyle
No dietary changes
With Aura One you don’t need to make any changes to your diet whilst whitening, or after. Continue to drink black coffee or red wine, and enjoy your favourite foods as normal!
Almost invisible trays
The 3D whitening trays in Aura One are super-light and almost invisible, so you can carry on your day whilst whitening.
Quick and simple
Whitening with Aura One is as simple as applying gel to your trays and wearing for just 60 mintues. To speed up your results, you can perform up to 2 treatments per day.
AP, 30
SU, 33
SW, 43
GB, 47
MD, 39
AP, 30
SU, 33
SW, 43
GB, 47
MD, 39
White teeth that can last for a lifetime
Fed up of teeth whitening that doesn't last? With Aura One you can easily keep your teeth white for a lifetime with simple top-up treatments of 1 to 3 applications once per year. Purchase gel refill packs from your dentist.
Bleaching meets Couture
Your Aura One kit is made-to-measure just for you.
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