Discover the innovations inside
Designed and developed in Germany
6% hydrogen peroxide hydrogel
The process of over 1 year of research and development, the revolutionary hydrogel in Aura One has been formulated to offer maximum whitening with minimum to no sensitivity.
Daytime wear, 60 minutes per treatment
Anti-sensitivity formula
With 25% water content, 3% potassium nitrate, and a unique silky low-viscosity texture, Aura One effectively all but eliminates sensitive teeth.
with Fluoride & Xylitol
Aura One helps to strengthen and protect teeth whilst whitening with the addition of Fluoride and Xylitol.
>50 treatments per kit
Each Aura One patient kit contains 6 x 3ml syringes, enough for up to 50 treatments, sufficient to whiten even the deepest discolouration.
Made-to-measure 3D whitening trays
High quality whitening trays are as important as the whitening gel for achieving quick and safe results. Aura One trays have been developed specifically in combination with the whitening gel to offer unique advantages.
Dosing bubbles
No more overfilled trays and gum irritation: each tooth has a precision-placed dosing bubble to show the patient exactly where, and how much gel to apply.
Pressure formed
Trays are formed using advanced high pressure forming, rather than vacuum forming. This results in a far greater adaptation and a tight gingival seal - keeping gel in, and saliva out.
Ultralight and transparent
With a thickness of 0.7mm and high transparancy, whitening doesn’t get in the way of your patient’s day - they can talk normally and the trays are almost invisible.
Digital guidance from SmartCase
Excellent patient guidance means better results, less side-effects, and happier patients. In addition to clear printed instructions, each Aura One kit contains a SmartCase for enhanced digital guidance.
Tap or Scan to open
To access the Digital Treatment Centre, patients can simply tap the lid of the smart case with an NFC-enabled smartphone, or scan the QR code on the inside
Videos and more
In their digital treatment centre patients can get instant access to video guides, frequently asked questions, and helpful tips and advice.
Treatment tracker
Keeping track of the number of treatmetns performed using the counter in the digital treatment centre helps patients reach the required number of applications for great and long-lasting results.
Packed with technology
Computer aided design (CAD)
Artificial intelligence
3D printing
High-pressure thermoforming
Made just for your patient, and your clinic
Each Aura One kit is made to order for your patient and personalised with the patient’s name and your clinic’s logo and colours - for an unforgettable first impression.
Inside the box
Upper and lower 3D Whitening Trays
2 x Triple-Pack 3ml 6% whitening gel
Bamboo tray cleaning brush
Patient instructions (DE and EN)
Upper and lower 3D printed models
Luxury carry bag
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